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The letter A



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The letter А is the first letter of the Russian alphabet.


Capital letter Lower case
А а



Listen to the sound of this letter.


This letter is called а or азъ (aa or az). А is the new name, азъ is the old name.

Pronunciation, transliteration and transciption
The letter А kan be short (as in bath) or long (as in the German city of Aachen).
The transliteration of А is A.
The transcription of А is A.


This letter is based on the Greek letter Alfa, Α / α. The letter A is the first letter of the alphabet, just like in the Greek and Roman alphabets.



The Russian spelling alphabet
In the Russian spelling alphabet people say Анна (Anna, official) or Антон (Anton, unofficial) to indicate the letter A.



The first name of Russia's most famous poet starts with the letter A, Alexander Pushkin. On the picture you see his statue in front of the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg.




Common words with the letter A

а a but (mild contradiction)
на na on, to
да da yes
за za for, behind
два dva two
как kak how, as
так tak so
она ana she
наш nash our
там tam there
страна strana country
сказать skazat to say




In various fonts



Calibri Italic


Times New Roman




Monotype Corsiva


Segoe Print


Comic Sans MS


Century Gothic





Аэропорт, (airport) another Russian word beginning with the letter A.





Quote of the day


"Als je in de afgrond kijkt, kijkt de afgrond ook in jou.
Когда ты смотришь в бездну, бездна тоже смотрит на тебя. "
- Friedrich Nietzsche / Фридрих Ницше -

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