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De letter Б




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The Б is the second letter of the Russian alphabet.


Capital letter Lower case
Б б


Listen to the sound of this letter.


This letter is called бэ or буки ( orboeki). Бэ is the new name, буки is the old name.

Pronunciation, transliteration and transciption
The letter Б is usually pronounced as the B of bed. At the end of a word it sounds more like a letter P, just as in English, for example in the name Bob.
The transliteration of Б is B.
The transcription of Б is B.


Origin and appearance
The capital letter Б looks like the lower case letter b of the Roman alphabet with a line on top of it. The lower case б is more round and looks a bit like the number 6. This letter is based on the Greek letter Béta, Β / β. Just as in the Greek and Roman alphabets, the Б is the second letter of the alphabet. In Ancient Greek, the letter Béta was pronounced as a B. In New greek, the letter B is pronounced like the letter V. When the Cyrillic alphabet was invented, the letter Béta was sometimes pronounced as a B and sometimes as a V. One letter which is pronounced in two different ways, a recipe for misunderstanding. That's probably the reason why two letters of the Cyrillic letter Alphabet were based on the Greek letter Béta, the letter Béta was split in two different letters, each with their own distinct pronunciation.


Borscht, beetroot soup.

Борщ, (borscht, beetroot soup), a traditional Russian dish beginning with the letter Б.



The Russian spelling alphabet
In the Russian spelling alphabet people say Борис (Boris) to indicate the letter Б.



Common words with the letter Б

бы bi would (indicates the conditional tense)
без byez without
бог bog god
быть bit to be
баня bánya banya, a Russian bathouse
берег byéreg shore, coast
белый byély white
бедный byédny poor
берёзка beryóska little birch tree
бабушка bábushka grandmother
бабочка bábotshka butterfly
большой bal-shóy big
балалайка balaláyka balalaika, Russian stringed musical instrument


In various fonts



Calibri Italic


Times New Roman




Monotype Corsiva


Segoe Print


Comic Sans MS


Century Gothic




Blini, pancakes

Блины, (pancakes), another dish beginning with the letter Б. In Rostov I ate pancakes filled with sausage, like some sort of hotdog.





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"De mens is de mens een wolf.
Человек человеку - волк. "
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