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The letter Г


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The Г is the fourth letter of the Russian alphabet.


Capital letter Lower case
Г г



Listen to the sound of this letter.


This letter is called гэ or глаголь (gee or glagol). Гэ is the new name, глаголь is the old name.

Pronunciation, transliteration and transciption
This letter is pronounced like the Engelisg G of good or goal. This letter is pronounced as a v in the combination -ого or -его, which oftten occurs at the end of words in the genitive case.
The transliteration of Г is G.
The transcription of Г is G.


Origin and appearance
The letter Г looks like a vertical line with a smaller horizontal line, pointing to the rigth, on top of it. It looks a bit like the roman letter r (lower case). This letter is based on the Greek letter Gamma, Γ / γ.


The ГУМ is Moscows most famous shopping mall. The acronym, beginning with the letter Г, stands for Государственный Универсальный Магази (State Department Store).



The Russian spelling alphabet
In the Russian spelling alphabet people say Григорий (Grigorij, official) or Галина (Galina, unofficial) to indicate the letter Г.



Common words with the letter Г

газ gaz gas
где gdye where
год god year
город gorod town / city
герой geroy hero
глаз glaz eye
газета gazyeta newspaper
голова galava our
голод golod hunger
голос golos voice
бог bok god


In various fonts



Calibri Italic


Times New Roman




Monotype Corsiva


Segoe Print


Comic Sans MS


Century Gothic



The word город (town or city) starts with the letter Г.
On the picture you see Pskov, a medieval city in western Russia.






Quote of the day


"De grenzen van mijn taal vormen de grenzen van mijn wereld.
Границы моего языка означают границы моего мира. "
- Ludwig Wittgenstein / Людвиг Витгенштейн -

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