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De letter В


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The В is the third letter of the Russian alphabet.


Capital letter Lower case
В в



Listen to the sound of this letter.


This letter is called вэ or веди ( or vyedy). Вэ is the new name, веди is the old name.

Pronunciation, transliteration and transciption
The letter В is usually pronounced as the V of Victor. At the end of a word or when the letter В precedes another consonant, the sound is more like the letter F.
The transliteration of В is V.
The transcription of В is V.
In the German language the letter В is usually represented by a W. The reason behind that is that many Russian words entered the German language through Polish, in which words like Wodka and Wolga are also spelled with a letter W. Don't let this confuse you, the English get the pronunciation right, not the Germans. It is pronounced as a V, not as a W.


Origin and appearance
The letter В looks exactly like the Latin capital letter B. The lower case is simply a smaller version of the capital letter. In Ancient Greek, the letter Béta was pronounced as a B. In New greek, the letter B is pronounced like the letter V. When the Cyrillic alphabet was invented, the letter Béta was sometimes pronounced as a B and sometimes as a V. One letter which is pronounced in two different ways, a recipe for misunderstanding. That's probably the reason why two letters of the Cyrillic letter Alphabet were based on the Greek letter Béta, the letter Béta was split in two different letters, each with their own distinct pronunciation.


Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow.

Собор Василия Блаженного (Saint Basil's Cathedral) in Moscow.
In Russian, the name Basil is written with a В.



The Russian spelling alphabet
In the Russian spelling alphabet people say Василий (Vasily) to indicate the letter В.



Common words with the letter В

в v in, to
вы vy you (plural and polite)
вот vot that
век vyek century
ваш вash your (polite)
весь vyes all
вино vinó wine
вода vadá water
война vayná war
весна vyesná spring
ветер vyétyer wind
вечер vyétsyer evening
время vryémya time
водка vódka vodka
Волга Vólga Volga
верста verstá verst (Russische unit og length)
всегда vsekda always
великий velíky great
весёлый vesyóly cheerful


In various fonts



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Century Gothic



The river Volga.

The river Volga (Волга), Russia's most famous river, starts with the letter В.
On the picture, you see the Volga in Yaroslavl.






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